Our test device setup

We tried to cover every major iOS version and screen resolution with our test devices.

But we don’t have every major iOS version with all screen resolution because this will result in a lot of devices and a lot of spent money. If you want to cover the major iOS releases (5, 6, 7) and all device resolutions (480×320, 960×640, 1136×640, 1024×768, 2048×1536) it will result in 15 test devices.

So if you detect any bug or something doesn’t look right, send us a short feedback with a description on which device and  which iOS version you detected the issue. We will try to reproduce the issue with our devices and fix the bug as soon as possible.

These are the devices we test every new release of nitroman and nitroban.

Device iOS Version Screen Resolution
iPhone 3GS 5.1 480 x 320
iPhone 4 6.1 960 x 640
iPhone 4S 6.1.3 960 x 640
iPod 5G 7.0 1.136 x 640
iPad 1 5.1.1 1.024 x 768
iPad 3 6.0.1 2.048 x 1.536