Looking for new Features for Nitroman V1.4.0

We are looking for new features and improvements for the new major version of nitroman.
Send us some feedback about which features are important to you so we can create the best app for you.


  • gathering features: Mid of June 2013
  • expected release date: End of July 2013


Features & Improvements:

The tag [User Feedback] marks all the features we received as feedback from users.

  • [User Feedback] New campaign with 20 level.
  • [User Feedback] Multiplayer Revenge Button
  • [User Feedback] Add collected/remaining star count to campaign screen. e.g.: 19/24
  • [Improvements] Steering – Sometimes it’s hard to move the nitroman via d-pad or joystick, so we will test new steering methods.
    • – Accelerometer
    • – Touch and Go – Tap on the map to move the nitroman to the position. With a double tap on the screen a bomb will be placed at the position.
    • What is your desired steering method?
  • [Social Media] – Facebook Like Button für Alpapps.com Facebook Page.